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Hunan Dalton New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional service provider, specializing in the research and development, production, sales and construction of new wall materials which can realize the building energy conservation and exterior wall insulation. As a leading enterprise in building thermal insulation industry in Hunan, Dalton is headquartered in the beautiful Yuan Kang Xing Duhui Maison, Yuhua District, Changsha City, with 3 factories in Changsha, Xiangtan, and Loudi. The total area of the plant reaches 50,000 square meters, equipped with high standard laboratories and advanced production equipment ahead of the domestic level. Currently, our company has 2 production lines for molding EPS polystyrene board, 2 large production lines for extruding XPS polystyrene board, 8 inorganic foam cement board production lines, 5 production lines for processing various composite boards, 1 perlite board production line, the largest polyurethane production line in the mid-South region in China, and the large automatic equipment which can produce more than 1,000 tons dry-mixed mortar every day. Our output value in 2017 is nearly 200 million, and our goal in 2018 is striving to reach 500 million. With the absolute superiority in output, quality and variety, Dalton becomes the model enterprise in industry based on Hunan and radiating at home and abroad.


Dalton is the qualified professional Grade B contractor for the fire insulation, corrosion insulation and thermal insulation in the construction industry, and the qualified 3-star enterprise applying green building materials and the high-tech enterprise. We have more than 20 products having been listed in "building energy-saving technologies, processes, materials, equipment promotion and application directory" launched by Hunan Province and 14 prefectures and having filed as the building energy-saving products in the above areas.


公司产品涵盖了屋面真人系列、外墙内真人系列、外墙外真人系列、真人配套官网系列及各类特种官网。主要生产产品有:无机官网官网、官网官方授权网、石墨官方授权网、挤塑官方授权网、聚氨酯板、泡沫游戏、无网址岩棉官网、纸面网址官网、珍珠岩板、硅钙官网、真人装饰一体板、无机轻集料真人板及官网、涂料系列。 同时,公司凭借十余年的行业经验,及成熟的生产能力,不断对产品进行研发创新。目前,自真人砖、外墙免拆模板、轻质隔墙板、真人装饰一体板等行业产品已完成研发,并相继投入生产。

Our company's products cover the roof insulation series, the inside exterior wall insulation series, the outside exterior wall insulation series, insulation mortar series and all kinds of special mortar. Our main products contain: inorganic foam cement board, molded polystyrene board, graphite polystyrene board, extruded polystyrene board, polyurethane board, foam glass board, non-decorative rock wool composite board, calcium silicate composite board, perlite board, inorganic light aggregate insulation board, and mortar and coating series. At the same time, with more than 10 years of production experience and leading production capacity, our company continually does research and development of innovative products. At present, the industry-leading products such as thermal insulation bricks, free disassembly exterior wall, light partition board, decorative thermal insulation board have been completed in research and development and will be put into production step by step.


Dalton holds strict service standard, having a strong professional service team responding to customer needs in 24 hours. From sorting data to the product sample inspection, from the improvement of engineering information to the project acceptance and payment, customers can easily solve various problems with a call.



We are the advocator of the large-scale production and application of new energy-saving and environment-friendly building materials in China, shouldering the great mission of "rewriting Habitat through science and technology", vigorously developing circular economy, building energy saving and housing industrialization, and dedicating ourselves to providing professional services to public buildings and industrial customers with systemic solutions. Growing Dalton regards the quality as our life, regards the service as our blood, and regards reputation as our unswerving pursuit.

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